Passing Gallstones Symptoms

If you have been diagnosed as having gallstones, you should know that there are other remedies that you can consider instead of immediately going with a cholecystectomy procedure.

You can try a few home remedies to help you get rid of your gallstones. You may experience mild discomfort when you are passing gallstones but these will pass after the treatment.

It helps to know Passing Gallstones Symptoms which will in turn help you decide on which type of treatment of take.

There are side effects to surgery that may last for years, although these rarely occur, studying your options is the best way to decide on which treatment will be more suitable for you.

Passing Gallstones Symptoms

When you decide to take the alternative route to treating gallstones, there are a few mild symptoms that you may experience as you undergo your home alternative treatment.

If you decide to take herbal remedies that can help you flush out the gallstones, the symptoms that you will start to feel approximately four hours after taking the herbal remedy are:

• Nausea

• Lightheadedness

• Headache

• Mild fever

• Cold sweats

• Discomfort in the abdominal area

These symptoms will disappear after your treatment.

Home Remedies

Other than taking herbal supplements to help you pass gallstones through your stools, you may also need to change your diet to help with your home treatment.

While you are trying to pass gallstones, you will have to eliminate fatty and greasy foods in your diet.

Foods high in cholesterol can result in the accumulation of more cholesterol in your bile which in turn could result in more gallstones.

You should also consider increasing your intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in breaking down cholesterol accumulation in your body and can help break down stones to allow them to easily pass through your stool.

Increasing your water intake per day will also help in passing gallstones. If you can do so, try to drink at least one glass of water every hour, throughout the day.

Foods rich in fiber will also help with passing gallstones since fiber regulates bowel movement.

How Do You Know You’ve Passed Gallstones?

You will see the stones when you move. You will usually see these floating on the toilet bowl after you have relieved yourself. The stones will be floating since these are basically composed of crystallized cholesterol.

If you have calcified stones, they may not float so it’s important to check after every visit to the bathroom. You will notice that the stones are soft and this is because your home remedies have softened them to make them easier to pass with your stool.

You may have the stones tested in a clinical laboratory to ensure that these are your gallstones.

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